Havasupai, Arizona

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The hike to Havasupai in northern Arizona was probably one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced here in the desert. When my friend suggested we go, I browsed Instagram, thought it looked worth a bit of walk, and promptly signed on to the adventure. I wasn’t terribly worried about the 10-mile one-way hike; what’s 10-miles for some stellar photos after all? I had never been backpacking in my life and thus had no idea what I was in for. In truth, it’s probably best I didn’t!

Instead, I managed the hike down and back up with a bum knee, a single hiking pole, and a great deal of determination. I learned so much; I just can’t believe I was lucky enough to do so in such a surreal, photogenic piece of Heaven on Earth (even though I had to go through Hell to get there!).



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